Thursday, July 29, 2010

Website optimization tips

Organic Search Engine Optimization involves making a website search-engine friendly in such a way that the search engines see your site as the best choice, when someone searches for a specific keyword or key phrase. Of course, every search engine has its own algorithm to decide this, but all of them follow basic approaches like content optimization and link building for link popularity.

So here's a look at website optimization. Your website design must be search engine friendly. Here are the top SEO techniques for your website: 
  1. Focus on the title tag
  2. Make use of the description and keyword meta tags
  3. Include alt attributes on images
  4. Use title attributes and descriptive text on links
  5. Make a sitemap
  6. Include content that relates to your website/business  
  7. Build links, especially quality one way links from high PR sites.  
  8. Use social media
  9. Try and avoid jazzy Flash or splash pages. 
The latest update is that Google and Yahoo! don't use the keyword meta tag any more - but it still obviously helps to do keyword research and find the ones relevant to your site to generate targeted traffic. Also - other search engines do still use the keyword meta tag - so don't let go of it yet.

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