Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elements of SEO

Effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO combines different activities. This includes on page and off page factors. Here is a quick look at the key aspects:

Analyzing the competition/industry
As with any promotional activity, industry/competition analysis is essential as this helps determine link strategy for the website, an insight into what keywords the competition is using and how they rank in the Search Engine Results Page or SERPs.

Keyword analysis
Choosing the right keywords and keyphrases is one of the key elements of SEO. When the right keywords are targeted, it ensures that only targeted traffic is directed to the website. Targeted traffic is likelier to convert into customers, resulting in profits. After building a list of keywords, there has to be an on-going analysis of which search terms receive the highest/lowest hits, individual keyword analysis, search context analysis and an analysis of any search term errors.

Improving and tweaking Content
The next aspect of SEO is modifying the web content so that search engine spiders can easily index the website. The content is rendered search engine friendly by using the chosen keywords at the right density, including appropriate title, meta and heading tags, so that the website's ranking in improved. The search engines love a site that continuously updates its content.

Link Building
As a critical aspect of SEO, link building impacts a website's rankings with the search engines in a big way. There are several strategies that help build links. Getting quality backlinks is a time-consuming activity but the time investment is certainly worth it. Linking to high PR (Page Rank) websites carries a lot of weight with the search engines.

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